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Lindabelle Saldana

It’s always been my dream to open a Modern Classy Wedding Chapel in Los Angeles where family and friends of couples getting married can come and celebrate their special day. My motto is, “You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a memorable wedding”. In the 22 years that I’ve been in the Wedding Business I’ve heard people tell their stories of dissatisfaction with other chapels in Los Angeles. Comments like, “They made us wait a long time on our wedding day” or “they changed the price on us when we got there”. At Belle’s my promise to you is that we will always be upfront with our prices and the services we provide. Our goal is to make you happy and exceed your expectations. I wanted to instill the same values of customer service, affordability, and delivering high quality beautiful ceremonies that my mom taught me as a minister for over 30 years and improve the experience by making a unique chapel that is warm and inviting. It is for this reason that Belle’s Wedding Chapel is the best looking chapel in Los Angeles for the price and high quality experience you receive. I’m not happy if you’re not walking out of Belle’s saying the experience was outstanding and that you would refer us to a friend or relative.

When you do business with me rest assured that I am a certified Non- Denominational Minister that has been delivering high quality beautiful ceremonies for over 22 years. Our office has all the permits to buy Marriage Licenses from the County of Los Angeles and we offer you the convenience of not having to wait in line at the County Courthouse to get a license or retrieve your certified copy. Instead we are a one stop shop that delivers high quality ceremonies with the convenience of providing all the legal paper work needed to be married.

On the legal side, I have over 20 years of experience as a paralegal in Family Law and Immigration providing an array of legal services to help people like you with your legal needs. We are a self-help service that prepares all the documents for you and files all the paper work in court. In complex situations, we can refer you to a team of experienced lawyers for family law and immigration who work with us to keep your cost low but deliver exceptional results.

My final thoughts are that I handle your business as if it is my own personal business. My promise to you is to deliver what I promise and my work is guaranteed for all services. So come in and feel like family at Belle’s and rest assured we have it handled.


Lindabelle Saldana

Minister, Paralegal & Owner

Email: bellesweddingchapel@gmail.com

Tel: (818) 821-6061